Learn Ventriloquism Course

Learn Ventriloquism Course

If you have tried to learn ventriloquism on your own through YouTube videos and similar sources and have failed. You may begin to believe that this art is beyond your capabilities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Such experiences can leave beginners frustrated, as they never achieve the results they desire.

Anyone can learn how to project their voice with the proper instruction. You need to see and hear proper technique in order to perform. That’s why you get with Learn Ventriloquism, the online course that is just like having private lessons with a professional ventriloquist. This set of ventriloquist lessons, taught by professional ventriloquist Tom Crowl, takes you through 36 lessons that build your technique in the proper manner. You’ll learn about all aspects of this entertainment art, from lip control and proper breathing,  to working with your ventriloquist dolls, staging, presentation and writing scripts.

How it works

Each lesson is dependent on the previous lesson, meaning the course builds on preceding techniques. Beginning with the foundations of ventriloquism, so you’ll learn this art from the ground up. That means no jumping ahead or skipping around the lessons as each skill learned is related to a previous one. During this time-release course, you’ll have the opportunity to practice what you have learned before moving onto the next lesson. Best of all, the entire course costs less than one private lesson with a professional ventriloquist, allowing you to begin performing in virtually no time.

Become the performer you want to be! Let Learn Ventriloquism lead the way.