4 Helpful Tips to be a Ventriloquist Comedian

Learn how you can become a ventriloquist comedian instantly!

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ventriloquist comedianBeing funny is a key element for a ventriloquist comedian. Without it, you will most likely have difficulties in succeeding. This is because your audience might not give you a positive reaction. That is why it is crucial for you to grasp the essence of becoming a ventriloquist comedian. Being comedic and incorporating some jokes into your performances will help you in every way possible. Trust us on this.

However, not everyone is naturally funny. A lot of ventriloquists have to spend some time working on this trait. Becoming a ventriloquist comedian is attainable. However, you definitely need to allocate some of your time to improve your comedic side.

If you are having difficulties in becoming humorous, do not worry. We are here to help guide you in the right direction. Here we will give you 4 pieces of advice to help you become a ventriloquist comedian.

Become a Ventriloquist Comedian Tip #1: Have boundaries

Believe it or not, you audience can get offended by your jokes. Although you are having a conversation with your ventriloquist dummy and not your audience, your audience can still take things personally.

You need to have boundaries to become a successful ventriloquist comedian. As a ventriloquist, your audience truly controls your destiny. If you get a great response from them, then you will most likely be booked again for a show. That is why is very important for you to have limits with your jokes. Also, you need to try your best not to offend anyone. Always bear this in mind.

Become a Ventriloquist Comedian Tip #2: Make fun of yourself

Your ventriloquist shows will always have a conversation between your dummy and yourself. A lot of ventriloquists become funny when they make fun of themselves. This is effectively completed by the ventriloquist doll itself saying the jokes about the ventriloquist (which is you!).

Audiences tend to laugh and have a great time when you make fun of yourself. For instance, if you are bald headed, maybe your doll can make fun of your bald head. Do not hold back when you make fun of yourself. Whatever you feel like is appropriate, just go for it with no regrets! That is the best advice we can give you.

Become a Ventriloquist Comedian Tip #3: Get creative

You simply cannot hold back as a ventriloquist. As obvious this piece of advice may sound, it is definitely something you need to keep in mind. It is an absolute requirement to get creative.

If you want to engage your audience, you need to think outside of the box. Your ideas and thoughts should always original. No one wants to see a recycled ventriloquist performance. That is why if you get creative and individualize your show, you will stand out. Not only that, you will gain some loyal fans!

Become a Ventriloquist Comedian Tip #4: Unique facial expressions

You should be open to using unique facial expressions when you are performing. Ventriloquists believe that a creative script is enough to catch their audience’s attention. This is misconception.

If you want to be a successful ventriloquist, you must sell your script to your audience. You need to do unique things that will catch their attention. This is why we recommend you to use unique facial expressions.

If your facial expressions are something different and even comedic, your audience will engage with your performance. Not only that, the delivery of your ventriloquist script will be enhanced due to the addition of theatrical actions. Eventually, you will become an amazing ventriloquist comedian!


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