3 Best Ventriloquism Books On The Market

3 Best Ventriloquism Books On The Market

Complete Idiots Guide to Ventriloquism

The Idiot’s Guide to Ventriloquism by Taylor Mason

The Ultimate Ventriloquism Book! : This is a great ventriloquism book for everyone, from beginners to the practicing ventriloquist. The helpful content covers the very beginning to gaining that all important stage time after you have become skilled in ventriloquism. A section on how the human voice works, another one on joke writing 101. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ventriloquism also covers putting a show together and getting PAID. This book breaks it down into 5 sections with smaller chapters within the sections to get you ready for success!!! Get your copy here and start your adventure!



Really Big book of Comedy Scripts for Ventriloquists

Really Big book of comedy scripts for Ventriloquists by Tom W. Ladshaw

This is a great resource for Ventriloquists: This book has a lot of great material and sets out comedic guidelines that can be used to jump start your routines and get those big laughs. Great for both seasoned performers and beginners, this ventriloquism book has a trove of information. Some people have pointed out that some of the material in here is dated, and yes that’s true to an extent, but it has the bones to be made into something current and relative to your audience with minimal effort and allows you to begin to use that creativity that you have inside. Get your copy here today and let the laughing begin!


Ventriloquism Made Easy

Ventriloquism Made Easy by Paul Stadelman and Bruce Fife

Great Ventriloquism book for basics: Steve Axtell has been a driving force in puppetry for quite some time now, so seeing him on the cover definitely gets my attention. This book takes you through, step by step, the skills and tools you will need. The art of imperceptible speech is broken down into subcategories. Then comes bringing your character to life and the psychology behind it. Subsequently, the distant voice, the muffled voice and tricks like singing and drinking. Ventriloquism made easy also covers how to build a joke catalog, write scripts, and other keys to success. Get this book here and start your journey with your new best friend today!