The Starting point of being a Master Ventriloquist!

The Starting point of being a Master Ventriloquist!

Becoming a ventriloquist is no easy task! However, hard work and dedication, coupled with the right instruction can make it a bit less confusing and a little easier to learn ventriloquism and become an accomplished ventriloquist!

To become a master ventriloquist you must, first:

Start with the fundamentals. Unless you are just naturally gifted with all the required skills to be a master ventriloquist, we suggest you start with a solid foundation and good technique. Having those things to build on makes perfecting your skill that much easier down the road. Here we suggest, these three books and course to help you to master the key skills needed for ventriloquism.


The second fundamental is owing a ventriloquist doll or ‘vent’. The selection of a ventriloquist doll is crucial. This selection must take into account your doll’s character, your audience and your character. This character is going to become one of your best friends, it’s good to make sure you really like it! Please visit our tips and tricks page to read more on selecting a voice for your character. Also here’s a list of ventriloquist dolls ranging from beginner to professional to help you along your journey.

And Thirdly!

Your script!

In order to become a true entertainer you must be prepared for your performances. You may be able to wing the occasional on the spot short performance. Most performers have a list of one liners that we break out when put on the spot. However, to truly become a professional ventriloquist performer you need ventriloquism scripts. Something polished and practiced until it looks like, magic, like that little doll is actually a person who just happens to live in a suitcase. That effortless look to professional performances is the product of lots of very hard work. To aid you in developing your script writing skills, we suggest The Really Big Book of Comedy Scripts for Ventriloquist .